Why do we see "stars" after we take care of our eyes?

Who among us did not notice that after we rub our eyes properly, do we begin to see the so-called “stars” and small light points that sometimes move? Even closing our eyes, we continue to see them. Why is this happening?

As you know, the eyes are the receiver of electromagnetic radiation. The light entering the retina is transformed into electrical impulses that enter the brain and are interpreted by them in the form of images. But visual images can be caused not only by external sources of influence, but also by internal ones. For them, there is even a special term – phosphenes.

Phosphines are the same luminous stars, dots and figures that we sometimes see before our eyes. Phosphines can be caused by mechanical effects on the visual system, or by strong excitation of the areas of the brain responsible for visual perception.

What, for example, happens when we press our fingers over our eyes? We directly stimulate receptors located on the retina of the eye, which leads to the appearance of visual phantoms – for some time receptors transmit incorrect information to the brain, which we continue to perceive with both open and closed eyes.

Phosphinates caused by mechanical effects , are harmless, but if you see “asterisks” before your eyes for no reason, you should immediately consult a doctor. Similar symptoms can be signs of a disease not only in the visual system, but also in the brain.