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The most important rule you should remember for always and never forget:

The more profit, the greater the risk!

Remember this rule as “twice two-four” . This rule applies to everything. For example, if bank H offers more interest per annum on deposit than bank M, this means that the probability of bankruptcy for bank H is greater than that of bank M.

A whole new world opens before you that will allow you to multiply the available capital . If you do not already have one, we will help you to save it. Be sure to read all the articles listed below.

Debt market

It’s hard to understand that money is also a commodity, we are accustomed to lend money to friends unselfishly, without demanding compensation for this service. In the aisles of the family and friendly bonds, such generous behavior is acceptable, but in a modern market economy this is nonsense. The use of money must be paid.

As mayonnaise, concrete, or brake pads, money is a commodity! It may sound ridiculous, but it’s a fact. This does not mean that you are selling to someone 100 UAH. for 100 UAH. or for 105 UAH. No. This means that for the use of your 100 UAH., The borrower will pay you monthly (or otherwise by agreement). To confirm that he should repay you a debt and a premium (payment for the use of money), you will be issued a bill or a promissory note. (Those who have a loan in the bank already probably saw themselves in this example.)

What to read:

  • Time value of money
  • What is a bond
  • Guarantor

Opening the business itself, the entrepreneur invests his funds time, property into the business. Everything related to his business belongs to him: debts and problems, profits and assets, everything. The case is his.

But if he wants to share his business in half with a partner, then he will evaluate his business and sell half. And what if there are 100 co-owners? 200? 1000? 1000000? This kind of enterprise is called joint-stock company . Each of the shareholders (ie co-owners) has an action that confirms their part of the enterprise’s property. The stock exchange is mainly traded in such stocks, the most important of securities.

What to read:

  • What is investment and why are they needed
  • Types of investments
  • What is diversification
  • What is the stock

Financial the market is the medium that allows you to sell and buy money and their equivalents. There are many types of transactions and securities.

  • Why do I need securities analysis

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