"To Victor Tsoi – 50". Article for the jubilee of the great musician

The first concert they played together with musicians Boris Grebenshchikov “Aquarium”. He managed to star in the films “Ya-hha!” And “Rock”, “ACCA” and, of course, “Needle” Rashid Nugmanov. It was in the “Needle” Choi played himself, which is. The only biography is the musical film “The Last Hero.”

Boris Grebenshchikov said about him this way: “To me, frankly speaking, it’s inconvenient to call Tsoi Vitka, there is in this some kind of false sincerity, which never was. Because something that I know, can not be called either Victor, Viktor, or Tsoi – this is reality, no sign in the language has not. He has a different name, and not to speak with his human lips. Victor is not even music, but a phenomenon, a personality. ”

Victor Tsoi died on August 15, 1990 in a car accident near Riga, was buried in St. Petersburg at the Bogoslovsky Cemetery. It is still unclear whether this was an accident or murder.

What can we expect from the jubilee? After all, Victor Tsoi is really a phenomenon, he is not a saint or a sinner, he is just an honest musician.

“I got to go to work, every day to nine to work.
I found a way out: I want to be a stoker – work day after three. “

V. Choi

The main event was prepared by the club-museum “Kamchatka” in 15 Blokhin Street, where the rock musician worked as a stoker in the 80s of the last century. On June 21 – 23, a festival was held with the participation of the bands “Variations”, “Foyer”, “Ficke”, “Black Square”, “Rock – 200”.

On the wall of the house where “Kamchatka” is located, they plan to write the world’s largest portrait of Tsoi. The same activists who are fighting for the implementation of this idea, are advocating the renaming of one of the streets of St. Petersburg in honor of the musician. And this is likely to happen! St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko admits: “I like the idea of ​​calling one of the streets of our city by the name of Viktor Tsoi. I think that we will take such a decision within the framework of the current legislation. In any case, it is quite an interesting idea, and I will support it. In the Frunzensky district they propose to name a square in honor of him. I think that Viktor Tsoi is the person who deserves to be remembered always “. By the way, it was announced at the opening of the exhibition of unpublished photos of Tsoi on Malaya Sadovaya, which is called “Star by the name of Tsoy”. Presented 44 photos, the exhibition will work all summer.

It is known that “Kamchatka” and “Alexei Sergienko Gallery” open a series of exhibitions of works of contemporary art dedicated to the figure of the musician. You can see the exposition “In Our Eyes” in the Sergienko Gallery (Kazan, 12). This first exhibition will form the basis of the collection of works about Tsoi and will give rise to other artistic events.

“I’m not a pessimist. Although I can not say that I’m an optimist. Most likely – a realist: after all, there is both bad and good in life. “

В. Tsoy