The State Museum of Archeology in Panaji

 The State Museum of Archeology

The State Museum of Archeology is located in Panaji, India. Originally, the Archaeological Museum was located in the rented premises of the Church of St. Inessa and was opened in September 1977. The new building was built in the outskirts of the city in Patto Square and was opened in 12996 in the presence of the President of India. There are 7 galleries in the museum: sculptures, Christian art, art gallery, gallery of religious art, cultural anthropological, contemporary art and bronze.

The museum exhibits about 8000 exhibits, including stone statues, wooden and bronze objects, paintings , manuscripts, numismatic collection, ceramics, etc.

In the gallery of sculpture there are statues of various deities, ancient inscriptions, some of which date back to the 4th century. There are also stored fossilized bones, related to 10 000 BC. e. The Gallery of Christian Art presents wooden statues of Christian saints, portraits of Portuguese governors and prime ministers of Goa. There is also a furniture set of the Portuguese Governor-General with ivory inlays.

Another exhibit of the hall is the Dutch flag, taken in battle as a trophy. The collection of fine art was collected thanks to the former governor of Goa, S. K. Banerjee. There are terracotta exhibits from the Indus Valley, sculptures of bronze and wood, miniatures of the Jaipur school, paintings in the style of Mughal. And in the other halls the visitor will find interesting, unique exhibits from these parts of the country and other regions of India, as well as from around the world.