The most mysterious crimes

Every more or less erudite citizen of our country simply must know the basics of the legislation of the Russian Federation, easily parry any question about the basics of our legislation, this applies to both the Family Code and the Criminal Code. So on the site you can fully study the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation with comments and jurisprudence for each article separately in this you can see on the example of Article 112 of the Criminal Code “Intentional infliction of moderate severity of harm to health” – Statya-112 /. Today I would like to tell you about 10 blatant crimes that shocked the whole world and in most cases, because of the shortcomings in the criminal legislation, criminals did not suffer the punishment envisaged.

Children who disappeared in the forest

 The most mysterious crimes

In 1945, on the eve of Christmas in Fayetteville, a terrible fire broke out. Suffered from him a house belonging to the Sodders. 5 children were lost in the fire without a trace, it was not possible to find their tracks.

Brabant assassins

1982-1985 – a time of mysterious murders, terrifying all Belgium. 28 people were killed, another 40 taught damage of varying severity.

Bodies in the freezer

Charles Rogers forever inscribed his name in the history of crimes, dismembering his own parents who mock him. The bodies of the victims were found in the freezer.

Mysterious disappearance

On the eve of the new year 2000, Laura Bible continued to spend the night with her friend. On this night the parents were killed by the girls, and their house was burned. Little girls were not found.


The Zodiac is perhaps the most famous serial killer, second only to Jack the Ripper in his glory. He traded in Northern California in the 60s of the last century. Nicknamed the Zodiac maniac because of encrypted messages he himself sent to local media.

The disappearance of Ray Grikar

Ray Grikar was a district attorney. All his life he worked in Pennsylvania, and one day just disappeared. There was not a trace left of the prosecutor. Soon, in different parts of the country, his laptop and car were found. It is also known that shortly before the disappearance, the prosecutor attempted to destroy data from his hard drive.

Tylenol killings

In 1982, several Chicago residents were poisoned by Tylenol. As the examination showed, the capsules contained cyanide potassium.

Amy Lynne Brayley disappeared

Amy disappeared in 1988 while sailing on her father’s ship. A year later this name was introduced to a young worker of a brothel, who asked the client for help. The man passed the information to the police, but it was too late: the brothel was burnt out before the police arrived. On the fate of the girl who introduced herself to Amy, nothing is known.

Jack the Ripper

This maniac rightly bears the title of the most famous unidentified assassin.

Murder in Hinterkayfek

In 1922, a resting a family. Her head, shortly before the tragedy, saw suspicious tracks coming from the woods nearby, and heard frightening sounds coming from the attic, but he could not do anything. The police have not been able to investigate this case. The murder was written off to predatory beasts living in the forest, but the locals did not accept this version on faith.