The industry of the future is our way of life (music, advertising, games, films)

 The industry of the future is our life (music, advertising, games, movies)

This article I can recommend to musicians, businessmen in the future industry who live yesterday and refuse to believe what is happening today and the more they do not imagine what will happen next. This article I wrote at the end of 2009 in one magazine, even before the trip to the US. Only now I was allowed to publish it. In the article about tsarist Russia, we made a small trip into the depths of history. Having opened some veils, I can say with certainty that we were the first to look at history from such an angle. To do this, we needed to rummage through all sorts of archives, but we really care about such topics, because without the past we could not start a story about future

 City of the Future

Lately, after all my travels, meetings with people, I was most worried about what will happen next. Why? First of all, because they constantly ask about it. But, in the end, I also want to know the answer, draw my conclusions. Now the one who for a moment lingered in the past will be eliminated from music or from the music business.

Yes, yes, I’m not kidding. If there are no cataclysms, wars, then the abundance of production music in 30 years will pass for several hundred million tracks per capita. Who will stand out then? Do you think that everything has already been invented? Jazz, rock, rap … No, it’s not. This is not all, believe me! We are waiting for all the most exciting. Imagine that many, many years have passed, maybe twenty, or maybe thirty. The action of our story takes place in a typical European city “N”. I warn you right away: turn on the imagination, without it you will find it difficult to understand this.

 The city of the future

We wake up, just open our eyes and say the key phrase aloud with sleeping bindings: “remove the blinds,” call our house manager (computer) , as a favorite secretary, by name, and ask you to prepare such and such clothes, such and such breakfast and such and such products. She reports when the food is in the refrigerator, and the food, you will not believe – in the “food printer”. By the way, this printer already exists in several versions. Do not be surprised, remember better how twenty years ago the Internet was surprised!

 Smart house

You get up and on the way to the bathroom you ask the manager (just giving the commands in the ear): “how much time?”, “What weather on the street? “,” what will be tonight? “,” what meetings do I have? “,” read the incoming messages! “In general, you received a letter to the post office, you can read it in the mirror while brushing your teeth, or you read your computer-manager aloud. You can even answer it by simply saying “reply to a message!”

You wear your nanosuit choose the fill, style, color, and please – one set of clothes made of nanomaterials with practically living mechanisms can replace your entire wardrobe. In the ear you put the chip – now it’s your phone, which is controlled from the bracelet on the hand. Nanotechnology has opened up such opportunities, which are limited only by imagination. You got dressed, had breakfast. In the eyes insert the lens, and with them you not only can see from a long distance, zoom in and out, but you can also record (the record will be saved to your own server). You can read e-mail and enter the Internet, the picture will be projected in the air. You can get that information about people passing by, which they want you to get. The same story as with the page “vkontakte”. The person himself will choose privacy settings. If something happens to someone, it will be easy to identify a person or prove the truth, since such a device will be available for sale. Doubt? But it already exists, it was invented back in 2009! Scientists and people are not ready for such a step until the use of such things is very expensive thing.

 Smart house

Going down to the nearest stop, now they are on different levels. You get into super high-speed transport it does not matter to you that your work or institute is in another city: you will in any case be there in a few minutes. Speed ​​is the main motto of the future . So, you got into transportation. Wherever you are, you are constantly connected to the connection, you can get information about any building that passes through. By the way, advertising in future is broadcast in translucent form directly on the windows of transport: inside one, outside – the other, and sound comes from the backs of the seats. Directly in transport, you can buy the goods, you will be delivered to his home or to the workplace, you only need to ask a specific command on your bracelet.

 Electronic bracelet

I wonder what will happen to the music business? How will the labels and musicians ? Now there are no stupid schemes, as in the past. Nobody knows exactly what will happen tomorrow, but, believe me, everything will change radically. The revolution has just begun, and now there are thousands of ways to earn money on music now large companies are being ruined!

Here, rather, the question of creativity: someone lacks it, and someone has developed it completely. What will end, I can not say, because this process can not be stopped. Now everything will change every five years, the market will be flexible, different and plentiful.

We will move to the end of the day. You left work and decided to check on the Internet where you can go to have fun. And here the most interesting begins. Opposite you, thanks to lenses, a list of activities is projected. Go to a concert of Elvis or the nearest club? You choose a club, because Elvis will perform here again, just a few months. This, of course, is not the real Elvis, but he is really singing, moving – all the fault of the technology, which I can now recreate both actors in films and musicians at concerts, and you hardly distinguish what is happening from reality, only if you do not know about some facts in advance. Remember that at the heart of any invention are ideas that are almost always advanced, often, at first glance, rather absurd. So, you chose a club, you turn on the GPS-navigator, and in the corner a map appears.

Here the most important thing is not to confuse the reality with computer games: in future there is a danger of such curiosities. On the asphalt, we project an arrow. Naturally, all this is visible only to us. Everyone has their own computer, and everyone sees the world a little differently, with their own lotions.


We enter the club. Strange electric sounds sequencers, stringed instruments, guitars, insane arrangements – all this comes not from one side, but from all angles, sound completely voluminous, without jokes. There is one such club in Berlin that took on a voluminous sound but music while stereo … And then every sample in a separate column …

The abundance of sounds is accompanied by the broadcast of the DJ in the air, which plays with his musicians on the illuminated surface, which determines the location of objects on it and reacts to their movements. It is very similar to the last, more mobile version of Reaibeibla .

Be aware that Reactable exists now is a normal, proven instrument which was first introduced to the public at the American Coachella festival, where Bjork performed on her tour in support of the new album. Reactable like the brass band is a key element of her show.

Now it is in active development and is not produced serially. This tool needs to be told in more detail, this is important, since similar instruments will shape the musical directions of the future no longer rock and not even pop. Now the following main principles work: “I’m just musician ” and “live music – this is one that does not include.” And we will have to return for a second again in the first half of the 20th century.

In the last issue I talked about the features and achievements of that time, but I talked about the time until 1918 … In 1919, in Russia, the Russian inventor Lev S. Termen created a musical instrument . He was called termenoksom . The game of the termenvox consists in changing by the musician the distance from his hands to the antennas of the instrument due to which the capacitance of the oscillatory circuit and, consequently, the frequency . The vertical straight antenna is responsible for the tone of sound, the horizontal horseshoe-shaped for its loudness.

For the game on the termenvox it is necessary to have an ideal hearing, since during the game the musician does not touch the instrument and therefore can fix the position of the hands relative to him, relying only on their ears . Currently, there are both serial and master termenokvsy and there are schools of games on it. Apparently, it is thanks to these schools and, first of all, this ingenious invention, such instruments as Reactable .


already come to light. Let’s return to him. Adding and rearranging the elements of the designer (they can be seen in the photos), the performer uses the device as a musical instrument or rather an extremely intuitive interface for a set of different musical instruments : modules trained to perform the role of synthesizers and effects. In other words, it is an electroacoustic electronic musical table, which was created by a group of European developers from the Institute of Audiovisual Technologies in Barcelona. A musical instrument requires precise coordination of movements, although, of course, the necessary level of preparation depends on what kind of music you play. The main feature of similar devices is the function of Multi-touch.


The principle of operation Reactable is similar to iPAD, Apple iPhone, but the surface reacting to touch is many times greater, therefore play on Reactable can be a two, three or a team. Subsequently it will not matter if you touch the panel or not. Maybe you’ll be playing in the air using different lighting effects, or touching the wall. Already, there is one place in Asia where you can go up to the wall, tap it softly and receive the piano sounds in response. The secret lies in several directional microphones, recognizing strokes in the wall and, of course, in special software that converts the location of the blow to the right note. Hon Lam Lee says that the idea of ​​this strange device came to him in his early childhood, because he did not have so many toys. Well, judging by the way people gather around the wall “The Wall Piano”, it is these installation projects that prepare the user for the introduction of fundamentally new interfaces into everyday life.


In ] future there will be many e-musical discoveries. For example, such as Continuum . Firstly, you can play with ten fingers on this thing, and secondly, if the horizontal movements are responsible for the height of the note, the position of the fingers along the vertical controls the timbre. In addition, even the force of pressing the control surface is taken into account, therefore, with the help of Continuum it is possible to publish the amazing expressiveness sounds – the comparison with termenvox or bow comes to mind ] Instruments .


Behind Continuum has a midi port and a FireWire interface for connecting to a computer, so all that’s left now is to wait until ] Continuum will be launched into batch production, and hope that it will be affordable to most musicians . So keep that in mind. The future is coming faster than you think. The direction of movement of technical thought has been determined, and this is only the beginning.