So the Earth and the Moon look from a distance of 63.6 million kilometers

With a small space distance of 63 million kilometers, our Earth and its natural satellite look like small grains of light. Only two of these celestial bodies in the boundless ocean of space were able to subjugate man, having visited them independently.

Earth and the Moon from a distance of 63.6 million km | NASA

This photo was taken by the interplanetary station OSIRIS-REx, launched by NASA in 2016. The task of OSIRIS-REx is to fly to the asteroid Bennu, take samples of soil from it, and then deliver them to Earth. The end of the mission is planned in 2023.

When the interplanetary station was located at a distance of 63.6 million km from the Earth, flying at a speed of 8.5 km / s, the engineers decided to test the on-board camera and radio transmitters, photographing our planet and its natural