Self-taught musicians: their cowards, their own guitar: problems of domestic rock

Here every third genius and clever,
The artist is working behind a milling machine …
(from the author of the article).

So often we are talking about the uncompetitive domestic fate and his indulgence, awkwardly placing commas, between crude obscene speech, that sooner or later this should have been the occasion for an in absentia-public discussion …

Molodezhnaya Wednesday already long ago, somewhere else in the early 1980s, I divided myself into hippies, punks, beats, metalworkers, ready and other “fighters with stereotypes,” worshiping American-British musical idols of varying severity. A little later, to these wonderful subcultural masses, were added in the rebirth – all sorts of emo and right around soccer fans ..

Both of them have ever heard Tsoi and sang in the courtyard “Everything goes according to plan” by Yegor Letov, but among the favorite bands they will more likely call “the BEATLES”, “NIRVANA”, “DEEP PURPLE”, “SEX PISTOLS” or, in extreme cases – some frantic Californian “NoFX”, but certainly not those young gentlemen that last Friday – synchronously shaking unwashed heads from the stage of “Orlandina”, playing there for buying tickets … tickets for your own concert!

Let’s consider the reasons for this antipathy for blood brothers and try to understand the true reasons oh oblivion of domestic rock `n`roll:

 Musicians of the self-taught

1. Material reason.

Perhaps we can really start to evaluate any product in terms of material security: take, for example, the football club Zenit, which, with the global support
of Gazprom sponsorship, has made progress in Russia and Europe, or, recalling the existence of famous Western associations of record companies such as the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) that help promising musicians record their first CD without investing surreal amounts of money, but, on the contrary, eyshem distributing those same records. We do not have this …
And here in Russia, altruism rests, in all likelihood, in the same place as the Soviet Union, namely, in deep mercantilism, forgive the backwardness of the show business and advertising: private companies that record sound from one degree or another of scabbiness, and rehearsal bases, mainly located on the territory of factories that have collapsed after the reorganization (which only the “Red Triangle” in St. Petersburg costs) costs [6,205,023] to musicians rub. in a month, and the ability to repel at least part of the invested funds falls only on well-organized concerts, the rotation and schedule of which, as a rule, should be planned in advance ..

To carry out such a process, without a well-designed business plan, is extremely difficult, so we can only quote Sergei Shnurov, somehow developed: “Plants stand, – some guitarists in the country!” And stand up for the machines … Everyone should be your underpants, your guitar, your socks and your LUMPY COMBIK!


2. Compulsory musical education in school.

To the second epic problem, one can almost unhesitatingly include the unacceptably low level of compulsory music education in the country: in high school in the lists of general subjects, of course, the word “music” is listed, but the main aspects of its study, according to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, is only listening to classical music and knowing two names: Mozart and Beethoven. “The absurdity!”
His first chord, the future guitarist of the group “All boys need a Vodka everyday”, learns only in the seventh grade, having lit his first a cigarette and skipping the lesson of “cybenymatics” with unconditionally steep, high school students …
How the music is taught in schools and colleges in the countries where the same “The Beatles” and “Nirvana” were woven, we all saw in cult films. [19659005]

3. Touring Experience.

And although, after all of the above, you can just keep quiet – God loves the Trinity and we should, no – just have to shoot on the third problem, perhaps the most serious, because this problem in Russia, unfortunately, does not only concern music .. In our country, wherever you come, experience is required everywhere: employers are not satisfied with the fact that you graduated from the Institute of Agricultural Industry with a red diploma, for example. Your new boss wants you to achieve the highest results in this field of activity before getting into his power hands

Thus, on large posters we see already well-known, not aging for art directors of characters, like Yuri Shevchuk, and Garik Sukachev.
For Sasha Orlandina, the group “TV” will work on the stage until this kind of home appliances finally die in the era of innovative development of IT technologies …

– Until then, all other groups will play for free or pay themselves to the organizer money.
– Until then, we will continue to puke from the domestic rock