Proper care of the guitar

There are a few non-complicated rules that, keeping to which, you can extend the guitar life by taking care of it.

 guitar care


Any guitar should be kept in a case, especially acoustic, except when you take the instrument several times a day.

Remember: dust and temperature changes adversely affect the wood. It’s strange to see a guy carrying an acoustician in a trolley bus without a cover, or as an eccentric – without a cover carrying a bass through the dusty city center – it’s just an ignoramus.

Caring for the guitar

After the game, all metal parts of the guitar must be wiped off: reverse parts of strings, pegs, pegs, tremolo – these elementary measures will protect metal parts of the guitar from corrosion.

Dirt or dust are the enemies of the guitar, since they increase friction and interfere with the operation of certain constituent parts of the guitar (potentiometers, sensors, etc.). Dirt can be removed with a soft cloth or a napkin soaked in a little oil. Of course, not vegetable! For this purpose, special fluids are sold in music stores.

Removing dirt from wooden parts (fingerboard, body) is also carried out with a napkin or a damp cloth in a special polishing liquid. Do not use household cleaners and polishes.

Polishes are liquid varieties of lacquer forming the finest film on the surface of the guitar, creating high gloss coatings.

If acoustic guitar without griffin lacquered cover , dirty spots from the fingers on the front  care of the guitar the side of the neck is removed by small nazhdachkoy. In this case, remove all strings in advance.

Drying of wood is prevented by rubbing the wooden surfaces of the guitar 1-2 times a year with gunmetal or lemon oil. In addition, lemon oil perfectly condenses the tree.

In search of weapon oil, complications can arise, and lemon oil can be easily purchased at the pharmacy.

Tarnished fretts are polished to a gloss “velvet nadface”, i.e. the smallest of all existing nafiley. (Nadfil is the most fine-grained of existing files.)

At the same time, the fingerboard of scratches can be protected by gluing it with pieces of self-adhesive paper for windows, but not with an adhesive tape.

Remember that a guitar also has a soul, so care and attitude to it must be appropriate!