A car with gas turbine engines

The Italian designer created an amazing concept that combined the future car and the plane with vertical take-off. Despite the eccentric design, the concept is based on the existing technologies today.

Since the mid-20th century, people have dreamed of raising such an accessible and understandable mode of transport to the sky as a car. The first attempts were made in the middle of the last century, but successful among them was not. The first standing samples appeared relatively recently, and this circumstance helped to “breathe life” into designers and designers.

 A car with gas turbine engines

Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini has for years worked on the development of incredible and even frankly strange concepts. His latest work, which was called the Hover Coupe, was another attempt by mankind to create a flying car. A unique vehicle dynamically combines the unsurpassed retro style and technology of the future.

For transportation, such a vehicle will have to use 4 turbine engines, which are now successfully used in commercial aircraft. Their capacity should be enough to lift the car into the air. There should be from two to four people in transport.

"To Victor Tsoi – 50". Article for the jubilee of the great musician

The first concert they played together with musicians Boris Grebenshchikov “Aquarium”. He managed to star in the films “Ya-hha!” And “Rock”, “ACCA” and, of course, “Needle” Rashid Nugmanov. It was in the “Needle” Choi played himself, which is. The only biography is the musical film “The Last Hero.”

Boris Grebenshchikov said about him this way: “To me, frankly speaking, it’s inconvenient to call Tsoi Vitka, there is in this some kind of false sincerity, which never was. Because something that I know, can not be called either Victor, Viktor, or Tsoi – this is reality, no sign in the language has not. He has a different name, and not to speak with his human lips. Victor is not even music, but a phenomenon, a personality. ”

Victor Tsoi died on August 15, 1990 in a car accident near Riga, was buried in St. Petersburg at the Bogoslovsky Cemetery. It is still unclear whether this was an accident or murder.

What can we expect from the jubilee? After all, Victor Tsoi is really a phenomenon, he is not a saint or a sinner, he is just an honest musician.

“I got to go to work, every day to nine to work.
I found a way out: I want to be a stoker – work day after three. “

V. Choi

The main event was prepared by the club-museum “Kamchatka” in 15 Blokhin Street, where the rock musician worked as a stoker in the 80s of the last century. On June 21 – 23, a festival was held with the participation of the bands “Variations”, “Foyer”, “Ficke”, “Black Square”, “Rock – 200”.

On the wall of the house where “Kamchatka” is located, they plan to write the world’s largest portrait of Tsoi. The same activists who are fighting for the implementation of this idea, are advocating the renaming of one of the streets of St. Petersburg in honor of the musician. And this is likely to happen! St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko admits: “I like the idea of ​​calling one of the streets of our city by the name of Viktor Tsoi. I think that we will take such a decision within the framework of the current legislation. In any case, it is quite an interesting idea, and I will support it. In the Frunzensky district they propose to name a square in honor of him. I think that Viktor Tsoi is the person who deserves to be remembered always “. By the way, it was announced at the opening of the exhibition of unpublished photos of Tsoi on Malaya Sadovaya, which is called “Star by the name of Tsoy”. Presented 44 photos, the exhibition will work all summer.

It is known that “Kamchatka” and “Alexei Sergienko Gallery” open a series of exhibitions of works of contemporary art dedicated to the figure of the musician. You can see the exposition “In Our Eyes” in the Sergienko Gallery (Kazan, 12). This first exhibition will form the basis of the collection of works about Tsoi and will give rise to other artistic events.

“I’m not a pessimist. Although I can not say that I’m an optimist. Most likely – a realist: after all, there is both bad and good in life. “

В. Tsoy

Miniature culinary masterpieces from Aaron Shay

Israeli artist Aaron Shay (Aaron Shay) creates tiny culinary miniatures of which we, by the way, have repeatedly spoken, appetizingly recreating various dishes and foods power supply. With the help of polymer clay, paint, epoxy glue and metal parts, he achieves realism of tiny sculptures, which are just asking in the mouth!

The 27-year-old artist began to take a great interest in the creation of sculptures from polymer clay in 2004, later switching to culinary miniatures. Inspired by James Oliver’s culinary show, Aaron sculpts tiny food for doll houses, and makes decorations of them.

 Miniature culinary masterpieces from Aaron Shay

So the Earth and the Moon look from a distance of 63.6 million kilometers

With a small space distance of 63 million kilometers, our Earth and its natural satellite look like small grains of light. Only two of these celestial bodies in the boundless ocean of space were able to subjugate man, having visited them independently.

Earth and the Moon from a distance of 63.6 million km | NASA

This photo was taken by the interplanetary station OSIRIS-REx, launched by NASA in 2016. The task of OSIRIS-REx is to fly to the asteroid Bennu, take samples of soil from it, and then deliver them to Earth. The end of the mission is planned in 2023.

When the interplanetary station was located at a distance of 63.6 million km from the Earth, flying at a speed of 8.5 km / s, the engineers decided to test the on-board camera and radio transmitters, photographing our planet and its natural

Welcome to the world of finance

You are here because you want to change your world!

This section of the site is for those who want changes in life. This section is for those who do not yet know what, why and how is happening in the financial markets. This section contains articles for beginners.

The most important rule you should remember for always and never forget:

The more profit, the greater the risk!

Remember this rule as “twice two-four” . This rule applies to everything. For example, if bank H offers more interest per annum on deposit than bank M, this means that the probability of bankruptcy for bank H is greater than that of bank M.

A whole new world opens before you that will allow you to multiply the available capital . If you do not already have one, we will help you to save it. Be sure to read all the articles listed below.

Debt market

It’s hard to understand that money is also a commodity, we are accustomed to lend money to friends unselfishly, without demanding compensation for this service. In the aisles of the family and friendly bonds, such generous behavior is acceptable, but in a modern market economy this is nonsense. The use of money must be paid.

As mayonnaise, concrete, or brake pads, money is a commodity! It may sound ridiculous, but it’s a fact. This does not mean that you are selling to someone 100 UAH. for 100 UAH. or for 105 UAH. No. This means that for the use of your 100 UAH., The borrower will pay you monthly (or otherwise by agreement). To confirm that he should repay you a debt and a premium (payment for the use of money), you will be issued a bill or a promissory note. (Those who have a loan in the bank already probably saw themselves in this example.)

What to read:

  • Time value of money
  • What is a bond
  • Guarantor

Opening the business itself, the entrepreneur invests his funds time, property into the business. Everything related to his business belongs to him: debts and problems, profits and assets, everything. The case is his.

But if he wants to share his business in half with a partner, then he will evaluate his business and sell half. And what if there are 100 co-owners? 200? 1000? 1000000? This kind of enterprise is called joint-stock company . Each of the shareholders (ie co-owners) has an action that confirms their part of the enterprise’s property. The stock exchange is mainly traded in such stocks, the most important of securities.

What to read:

  • What is investment and why are they needed
  • Types of investments
  • What is diversification
  • What is the stock

Financial the market is the medium that allows you to sell and buy money and their equivalents. There are many types of transactions and securities.

  • Why do I need securities analysis

What’s next

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Self-taught musicians: their cowards, their own guitar: problems of domestic rock

Here every third genius and clever,
The artist is working behind a milling machine …
(from the author of the article).

So often we are talking about the uncompetitive domestic fate and his indulgence, awkwardly placing commas, between crude obscene speech, that sooner or later this should have been the occasion for an in absentia-public discussion …

Molodezhnaya Wednesday already long ago, somewhere else in the early 1980s, I divided myself into hippies, punks, beats, metalworkers, ready and other “fighters with stereotypes,” worshiping American-British musical idols of varying severity. A little later, to these wonderful subcultural masses, were added in the rebirth – all sorts of emo and right around soccer fans ..

Both of them have ever heard Tsoi and sang in the courtyard “Everything goes according to plan” by Yegor Letov, but among the favorite bands they will more likely call “the BEATLES”, “NIRVANA”, “DEEP PURPLE”, “SEX PISTOLS” or, in extreme cases – some frantic Californian “NoFX”, but certainly not those young gentlemen that last Friday – synchronously shaking unwashed heads from the stage of “Orlandina”, playing there for buying tickets … tickets for your own concert!

Let’s consider the reasons for this antipathy for blood brothers and try to understand the true reasons oh oblivion of domestic rock `n`roll:

 Musicians of the self-taught

1. Material reason.

Perhaps we can really start to evaluate any product in terms of material security: take, for example, the football club Zenit, which, with the global support
of Gazprom sponsorship, has made progress in Russia and Europe, or, recalling the existence of famous Western associations of record companies such as the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) that help promising musicians record their first CD without investing surreal amounts of money, but, on the contrary, eyshem distributing those same records. We do not have this …
And here in Russia, altruism rests, in all likelihood, in the same place as the Soviet Union, namely, in deep mercantilism, forgive the backwardness of the show business and advertising: private companies that record sound from one degree or another of scabbiness, and rehearsal bases, mainly located on the territory of factories that have collapsed after the reorganization (which only the “Red Triangle” in St. Petersburg costs) costs [6,205,023] to musicians rub. in a month, and the ability to repel at least part of the invested funds falls only on well-organized concerts, the rotation and schedule of which, as a rule, should be planned in advance ..

To carry out such a process, without a well-designed business plan, is extremely difficult, so we can only quote Sergei Shnurov, somehow developed: “Plants stand, – some guitarists in the country!” And stand up for the machines … Everyone should be your underpants, your guitar, your socks and your LUMPY COMBIK!


2. Compulsory musical education in school.

To the second epic problem, one can almost unhesitatingly include the unacceptably low level of compulsory music education in the country: in high school in the lists of general subjects, of course, the word “music” is listed, but the main aspects of its study, according to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, is only listening to classical music and knowing two names: Mozart and Beethoven. “The absurdity!”
His first chord, the future guitarist of the group “All boys need a Vodka everyday”, learns only in the seventh grade, having lit his first a cigarette and skipping the lesson of “cybenymatics” with unconditionally steep, high school students …
How the music is taught in schools and colleges in the countries where the same “The Beatles” and “Nirvana” were woven, we all saw in cult films. [19659005]

3. Touring Experience.

And although, after all of the above, you can just keep quiet – God loves the Trinity and we should, no – just have to shoot on the third problem, perhaps the most serious, because this problem in Russia, unfortunately, does not only concern music .. In our country, wherever you come, experience is required everywhere: employers are not satisfied with the fact that you graduated from the Institute of Agricultural Industry with a red diploma, for example. Your new boss wants you to achieve the highest results in this field of activity before getting into his power hands

Thus, on large posters we see already well-known, not aging for art directors of characters, like Yuri Shevchuk, and Garik Sukachev.
For Sasha Orlandina, the group “TV” will work on the stage until this kind of home appliances finally die in the era of innovative development of IT technologies …

– Until then, all other groups will play for free or pay themselves to the organizer money.
– Until then, we will continue to puke from the domestic rock

The most unusual buses in the world

It turns out that buses can be not only banal and boring, but also bright and stylish. We collected in this review the most unusual buses from around the world.

1. GM Futurliner

 The most unusual buses in the world

This bus can be considered one of the most extraordinary and extravagant vehicles in the world. The creation and production of this vehicle was carried out by a well-known corporation General Motors.

The company produced only twelve buses of GM Futurliner in the 30-50s of the last century. These buses were designed for an auto race in the US, which was called the Progress Parade. Then a huge number of people were able to ride on these buses.

Today only 9 GM Futurliner survived. And two years ago one of these buses was presented as a lot at an auction. He was sold for $ 4 million. The 1950 bus was put up for sale by Ron Preett. Interestingly, but the vehicle was purchased by him in 2006 for the same money.

2. Viberti Monotral Golden Dolphin

Unlike GM Futurliner, Golden Dolphin was the only bus in its class. In 1956, he made his debut at the Geneva Motor Show. This vehicle surprised not only with its design and panoramic windows, but also with a powerful engine for 400 horsepower. The maximum speed that Golden Dolphin could develop was 200 km / h.

3. ZiS-127
ZIS-127 is the first bus that was designed and manufactured in the USSR. It was intended for intercity flights, mainly for long distances (for example, Moscow-Simferopol and Moscow-Riga). Release of this vehicle was from 1955 to 1961.

The bus was equipped with corrugated aluminum sides and a lot of chrome parts, so popular at that time in the automotive industry. Inside the vehicle at the same time there could be 32 passengers. Armchairs are equipped with reclining backs for convenience. In addition, the first Soviet bus had heating, lighting, a ventilation system and a thermometer with a clock.

The vehicle had two roomy luggage compartments. The driver had his own fan and the instruments necessary for the control of the trip.

Overall dimensions of the ZiS-127:
* wheelbase -5600 mm;
* body length – 10,220 mm;
* width 2680 mm ;
* height – 3060 mm.

The Soviet ZiS-127 worked on diesel fuel. A 6-cylinder two-stroke engine was used for this model. A total of 851 copies were produced.

4. Developed this bus on the chassis of a diesel truck in 1934. The Mercedes-Benz Lo 3100 Stromlinuen-Omnibus

It was assumed that Mercedes-Benz Lo 3100 will be used on actively developing autobahns. That’s just in the mass production of the bus did not arrive. In addition to the panoramic roof and the body-streamliner, the bus also had lowered side windows.

5. AEC Routemaster

This bus along with Trafalgar Square and the Tower is a symbol of the British capital. To represent London without a classic version of Routemaster is almost impossible. Its release took place in 1954. The company AES was engaged in this. Directly in operation AEC Routemaster stayed from February 8, 1956 to December 9, 2005. The first copies replaced the trolley buses, and subsequent replaced the old models of buses.

The feature of this vehicle is the open rear platform, which served as the entrance. AEC Routemaster did not have any doors. Today, several hundred such buses have survived.

6. Party Bus
So, Patty Bass or Party Bus did not come out for a long time. Its creation was a great discovery, as it could accommodate a large company of people, and one night could be celebrated in many places.

It can easily accommodate a table, excellent sofas, as well as various entertainment items (TV, set-top box, and in some even manage to put a jacuzzi). This is a great place to celebrate a birthday, corporate, bachelor party, devichnik.

7. Citroen U55 Cityrama Currus

I managed to excel in the 50’s. and the Parisian tour operator Groupe Cityrama who ordered a two-story futuristic bus from Currus. The end result surprised everyone. At the heart of this model is the chassis of the Citroen U55 (cargo), which was later installed two-story body. A huge area of ​​glazing in conjunction with the open roof had to travel and short-term sightseeing tours. Yes, and tourists, of course, attracted the original design of this vehicle. Such buses were issued only 3 copies.

8. Bedford VAL14 Plaxton Panorama C52F

These buses were produced from the 65th to the 68th years. He had two distinctive features: air conditioning and a non-standard third axle. Due to the unique design it was possible to place a door for passengers directly in front of the front axle. Until the mid-80’s. These buses have been successfully used on international flights. At the time the Bedford VAL14 Plaxton Panorama C52F was completed, more than 2,000 copies were produced.

9. Peacemaker

This bus appeared thanks to the founders of General American Aerocoach in the 49th year in the body of GMC Scenicruiser 55th year. As a result, it was possible to create an incredible three-storey house on wheels. Only 2 copies have been released.

Today only one of them is on the move and it is possible to go on a tour of the United States.

10. Ikarus 55 Lux

For its futuristic appearance, the bus “Ikarus” received the nickname “Cigar”. The legendary bus fascinated with its silhouette. Ikarus was the main bus that was operated on the territory of the USSR. It was used both on intercity flights and on international tourist routes. From 1955 to 1972, the USSR purchased 3,762 vehicles.

11. Neoplan Jumbocruiser

The debut of this bus took place in 1975. At that time he was considered a giant: 4 axles, the length of the body is 18 meters, the height is 4 meters. In the cabin Neoplan Jumbocruiser could accommodate up to 144 seats (in theory). The bus was produced until 1993. For all time it was built only 11 copies, due to the high cost of the vehicle.

12. Amphibian
And here’s another bus-innovation. It shows not only a combination of quality, comfort and creativity, but also functioning as a separate, completely different, vehicle. This is what he owes his name to – the amphibious bus.

It was first designed by the Scottish George Smith, who endowed the usual bus with an outboard boat engine and airtightness. The bus can accelerate in an aqueous environment up to 15 km / h. This type of transport is mainly intended for excursions in the cities “on the water”, which saves time of the guide and gives a “highlight” to the impressions of tourists. So, for example, when driving a bus through the city streets, the guide smoothly switches the conversation to river subjects, and the bus slowly enters the water. At the same time, travelers do not have to leave the bus, take with themselves the necessary things for a boat trip and spend as half an hour to replace the situation. Currently, such buses are no longer a rarity and are recognized as one of the most convenient sightseeing modes of transport. The cost of this bus varies around 400 000 $. However, it pays off fairly quickly at the ticket price (about 30 euros per person).

13. Bus

There are also such buses that differ little from their own home. There is everything: a bed, and sofas, and a wide plasma TV, and a bedroom, a bathroom with a toilet, and a kitchen with a refrigerator, a bar and even a garage for a car.

14. The Chinese decided to take care of their one and a half billion people and produced the longest bus in the world with a capacity of 300 people and 25.3 meters long, consisting of three compartments (coupe). This bus cost $ 250,000. However, the number of Chinese grew and it was decided that such a bus does not meet the needs of the country. Therefore, the light appeared his follower – the world’s longest five-compartment bus worth $ 300,000 and a capacity of 380 people. Unfortunately, such a bus is only for urban direct roads without sharp turns and can not accelerate more than 80km / h, which creates certain traffic jams.

Museum of Modern Art Grand Duke Jean in Luxembourg

 Grand Duke Jean Museum

The famous Grand Duke Jean Museum in Luxembourg, featuring contemporary art art, was long-awaited, since in a small principality art objects were never exhibited for tourists.

Local residents could admire the works of modern masters only in pictures. Today, everything has changed dramatically and hundreds of local residents and tourists visit the museum walls every day to enjoy picturesque paintings and to replenish their luggage of cultural development.

The original location of the museum has constantly caused widespread debate among the public, as the government decided that include it in the walls of the defensive Fort with historical significance. The building was completed in the middle of 2007, and already three days later the debut exhibition of art objects took place in its walls. There are a large number of pictures, looking at which simply captures the spirit of how artistically artistically plays with shades and colors and dumps one stroke after another.

It is very interesting that to contain a museum in which there were only pictures of contemporary artists of Luxembourg turned out to be it is very expensive, therefore here the famous works of Andy Warhol, Thomas Strus and other legendary contemporaries were on display. According to the data on the visit to the museum, during the first year about 100,000 people visited the museum, which do not concern art indifferently. In total, the museum has 3 floors on which there are works by the best designers and artists of not only the Principality of Luxembourg, but also of other countries of the world.

During a thunderstorm, the sky forms … antimatter

Who would have thought that during a thunderstorm overhead, not only the strongest electrical discharges occur, but antimatter is also formed – one of the most mysterious substances in the universe.

It has long been known that lightning flashes give birth in the Earth’s atmosphere to nuclear reaction. To better understand their nature, scientists have installed several gamma-ray detectors along the western coast of Japan. During one of the thunderstorms they received long-awaited results: large flashes of gamma radiation were detected from the lightning that struck near the detector.

A detailed transcript showed that there were three types of gamma-ray bursts that lasted different times. The first and the shortest gamma-flash was caused directly by a lightning strike. The photons generated by it had enough energy to knock out photons and neutrons from the atoms of gases in the atmosphere – so a second gamma-flash appeared. The unstable atoms of nitrogen-13 and oxygen-15 appeared to decay, emitting a positron-antiparticle electron. After a few moments, the positron, like antimatter, is supposed to annihilate with the electron, releasing energy. These processes triggered the third – the longest gamma-ray burst.

It’s amazing that the antimatter that scientists have been searching for in the Universe for a long time and getting in the labs, wasting huge amounts of money, actually comes very close – right above our heads.

5 films about money for viewing each

Selected video materials on the topic of finance will tell you about the nature of money and the corrupt financial architecture of the world. More than 9 hours of selective sobering video material.

1 The priceless dollar 00:38

2 Money as debt 02:06

3 The spirit of the time 01:56

The following three videos do not contain material only about finance, but also about other topical issues of globalism.

4 The spirit of the times II: application 02:03

5 The spirit of the time III 02:41