Museum of Urban Transport in Luxembourg

 Luxembourg City Transport Museum

The Luxembourg City Transport Museum is a specialized museum complex located on rue de Boullion in Luxembourg.

The museum presents many interesting exhibits related to the history of public transport. Here you can see the development of transport infrastructure from the time of horse carriages to our days.

The museum, which was famous all over the country, began its work in 1991. It is worth noting that a collection of ancient public transport and communications with him began to collect in the early sixties. Public transport workers began collecting interesting items and rare artifacts that had a close connection with the development and history of transport.

The museum itself is housed in a modern building that is executed in a concise and simple style. Inside the building there are many interesting exhibits. Here you can find authentic old tram cars, several restored buses, as well as special transport with a tower for maintenance of electrical networks. In addition, here you can see a lot of old household items and personal belongings of workers. Authentic sets of uniforms, old travel tickets, as well as other products and photos are collected here. Special attention should be paid to the reduced models of old trams, which accurately demonstrate the design and interior decoration of old cars.

The most famous museum of the state, the museum of urban transport in Luxembourg is an exciting attraction that must be visited by all lovers of history. Here you can see a lot of interesting and old exhibits that can tell about the history of the development of public transport.