Museum of Modern Art Grand Duke Jean in Luxembourg

 Grand Duke Jean Museum

The famous Grand Duke Jean Museum in Luxembourg, featuring contemporary art art, was long-awaited, since in a small principality art objects were never exhibited for tourists.

Local residents could admire the works of modern masters only in pictures. Today, everything has changed dramatically and hundreds of local residents and tourists visit the museum walls every day to enjoy picturesque paintings and to replenish their luggage of cultural development.

The original location of the museum has constantly caused widespread debate among the public, as the government decided that include it in the walls of the defensive Fort with historical significance. The building was completed in the middle of 2007, and already three days later the debut exhibition of art objects took place in its walls. There are a large number of pictures, looking at which simply captures the spirit of how artistically artistically plays with shades and colors and dumps one stroke after another.

It is very interesting that to contain a museum in which there were only pictures of contemporary artists of Luxembourg turned out to be it is very expensive, therefore here the famous works of Andy Warhol, Thomas Strus and other legendary contemporaries were on display. According to the data on the visit to the museum, during the first year about 100,000 people visited the museum, which do not concern art indifferently. In total, the museum has 3 floors on which there are works by the best designers and artists of not only the Principality of Luxembourg, but also of other countries of the world.