Museum of ancient musical instruments in Luxembourg

 Museum of ancient musical instruments

Every connoisseur of music and various musical trends will find in Luxembourg a building that will match its interests, since here is the famous museum of old musical instruments.

It can be found near the central entrance to the Luxembourg Conservatory in the south-west of the city, so get lost it’s very difficult.
There are very few similar museums around the world, so it’s really worth visiting and admiring the unique exhibits of past centuries. The exhibition halls feature ancient musical instruments that will allow you to fully learn much more about the history of music development and the way it influenced the local inhabitants of the principality. Glass showcases hide the most unexpected exhibits, which are directly related to music. There are also old sheets with notes that eventually turned yellow and a little frayed, but looking at all this involuntarily you start to think about the fact that music at any time was like a balm to the soul, practically for any person.

that visiting the museum is absolutely free for everyone, so you will not be paid a penny for replenishing your personal knowledge baggage. On weekdays, the doors of the museum are open to visitors at 8 am and 8 pm, but on Saturday the work schedule is reduced by 1 hour. On Sunday, the building is closed for public viewing, so you should plan your day properly.