Interesting facts about the signs of the zodiac

The sign of the zodiac is determined by which star the person was born under. There are billions of stars in the sky. And to somehow distinguish them and not get confused, the names of the constellations were coined. As is known, throughout the year the Earth rotates around the Sun and passes through each of the constellations. There are 12 such constellations. Eight of them bear the names of animals. Every person born under a certain zodiac sign is endowed with his own character.

Aries. The beginning of the circle (21.03-20.04)

In the constellation Aries the Sun passes the point of the spring equinox. The people who were born under the cover of this constellation can be characterized by the following character traits:

– Stubbornness is not a flaw

– Do as I do, you still will not do it better.

– First I’ll do it, then just think. [19659005] – The hardest thing is to let the other person finish the conversation.

– Better not argue with me.

– One Aries is good, two is many.

– I never attack first, but God forbid To hurt me.

Taurus. Sacred (21.04-20.05) "title ="

In ancient times among the peoples of the Mediterranean, the main animal was a bull or bull. The fact is that without the help of a bull it was very difficult to plow the land. For example, in Ancient Egypt, no less than the deity worshiped the sacred bull Apis. Jews for a long time admired the Golden Taurus. In this constellation, the winter was hit by the Sun, which foreshadowed the beginning of spring. Incidentally, an adequate horoscope for June Taurus woman can be viewed on the site Taurus have their characteristics:

– I do not need someone else, but do not touch mine either.

– The taster is my true calling.

– I’m not sorry for buying money.

– Food is a pretty serious thing.

– Do not bother the one who has settled well.

– The affectionate calf of two queens sucks.

– When you eat the second, you save energy significantly.

Gemini. Non-separate (21.05-21.06)
 Interesting facts about the signs of the zodiac
This constellation is unique in nature. Two bright stars are located so close to each other that it becomes quite clear why the constellation was named after the twins – Pollux and Castor, the sons of Leda and Zeus. The legend says that during one bloody battle the brothers suffered greatly and as a result Castor died. The twin brother did not want to continue his existence without Castor and asked his father not to be separated. This constellation in ancient times was the patron saint of seamen, who fell into a storm. People with the zodiac sign Gemini are endowed with such vital principles:

– Figaro is here, Figaro is there.

– Who did not have time, he was late.

– I love the quantity, because quality never has enough time. 19659005] – Who owns the information, he owns the situation.

– I’m not answering the market for the bazaar.

– Today I’m not what I was yesterday.

– One phone and a TV at home are good, but three are much better.

Cancer. The sun is reversing (22.06-22.07)

The point of the summer solstice was located in this constellation approximately 2,000 years ago. Why, in fact, Cancer? Yes, because the Sun began to slowly back off, just like cancer. From that time the day grew shorter, and the night increased. According to ancient Greek mythology, the legendary Hercules was attacked by a huge Cancer. Mighty Hercules simply crushed the monster. But the wife of Zeus, the goddess Hera, hating Hercules with all her heart, placed Cancer in the sky as a constellation. People who are protected by Cancer can be characterized as follows:

-It’s got everyone who can wait.

– The past carries with him like a backpack.

– My house is my fortress.

– It’s hard live in a place where there is nowhere to hide.

– It’s good to stock up everything in the world – both with patience and jam.

– It’s better to wait and dig, but to buy a worthy thing.

– Nying with others is my calling. 19659005] Lev. The hottest (23.07-23.08)

“Great Fire” – the so-called constellation of the Lion, the Assyrians. Ancient Egyptians associated this constellation with lions, who at that time roamed to the Nile valley, thereby trying to escape from the unbearable heat. It is in the constellation of Leo that the Sun moves at this time. People-lions are endowed with such principles of life:

– I love to earn good money, but even more like spending it.

– It’s better to support than to get it.

– Why do you need the sun, if you are with me? [19659005] – How cordial I did not look, inside I’m a dictator.

– Pleasant manners are half the success.

– A beautiful sign on the door of the cabinet is more important than a high salary.

– If you do something big .

The Virgin. Fair (24.08-22.09)

The Virgin appeared in different hypostases: both Zeus’s mother-Ray and the Sphinx, as she was often identified with the goddess of justice – Themis, as well as with Astrea, the goddess of justice. Most often, Virgins are depicted with an ear in their hands. “Spika” is the name of the brightest star in the constellation Virgo. In Latin it means “ear”. The dev can be described as follows:

– Prove to me strictly logically that we are created for each other.

– In every virgin is a cool lady.

– Patience and work will all peretrut.

– Every person lives for myself, while serving the other.

– On a large scale, I’m lost.

– Modesty does not only adorn the girl, but the Virgin.

– Everything is necessary everywhere: in the kitchen and in thought.

]Libra. But there is no such animal (23.09-23.10)

The autumnal equinox came at a time when the Sun was getting into the constellation of Libra. The day went on as long as the night. This was because the Sun was on a heavenly balance in balance. The legend says that at that time Astrea and her mother, Themis, weighed on the “Weights of fate” the actions of people. Both bad and good. Libra symbolizes an objective court. Those born in this constellation can be described in the following words:

– Beauty will save the world.

– Without a partner, as without hands.

– The most difficult thing is to make a choice.

– Win over by agreeing.

– Is able to involve anyone anywhere.

– Do not over all “and” should be put a point.

The Scorpion. The most dangerous constellation (24.10-22.11)

If I may say so, at that time the Sun “fell ill”. It became pale and inactive. There was an impression that he had been poisoned. Perhaps it was the Scorpio who at one time stung the heavenly hunter of Orion … It is even possible that this Scorpio scared the death of Phaethon, the son of the sun god Helios, who fell from a fiery chariot. Scorpions are endowed with such principles:

– Not everyone is able to withstand my sight.

– I can be compared to a cactus. A fairy flower can only open to the elect.

– There must be a serious reason for a smile.

– It’s a pity there is no one to sting.

– I can free myself from everything except my own passions.

– I sing the song of love on the battlefield.

– My passions rarely go out like a shark that rarely floats to the surface.

– The world will be lost without knights.

Sagittarius. Starry (23.11-21.12.12)

Only the Sagittarius could cope with Scorpio. You can see that the Sagittarius directs its weapon to Scorpio. There are ancient star charts, in which Sagittarius is depicted as a centaur with two faces, just like the Roman god Janus. Sagittarius is the symbol of the new year and the end of the old one. One face of the centaur looks forward, into the future, and the other – back, to the past. The person who was born under the cover of the constellation of Sagittarius is characterized by the following expressions:

– It’s just impossible to be angry with me.

– Worrying beforehand is very stupid, let’s look at the situation.

– Ebb of conscience?

– My ideal is Ivan Tsarevich.

– Obligation is able to adorn only mediocre people.

– A good person should be a lot.

] Capricorn. Where are you climbing? (22.12-20.01)

In ancient times it was believed that in this constellation there was a point of the winter solstice. People believed that on the day of the winter solstice the sun passes the lowest point and starts to climb up slowly. Capricorn is portrayed as a goat with a fish tail. The legend says that the god Pan, who had goat’s legs, was frightened by Typhon, the giant, and flung himself into the water with fear. At this point, the legs were changed to fish tail. After this event, Pan no longer patronized the shepherds, as before, but became a harbinger of storms and sent rains. Capricorn people are characterized as follows:

– Do not break the laws: get away with another, and you will be caught.

– It’s nice to talk about distant countries while sitting at home.

– I’m not a sprinter, I’m a marathon runner [19659005] – Life is like a train, staying at every stop strictly according to the schedule.

– And one in the field warrior.

– I’m going-I’m not going to eat food when I’m driving – I will not let it down.

– It’s worthwhile to climb to the top only for the sake of spitting down from there.

– For myself, I need very little. All that I have is a mirror of my successes.

Aquarius. The Flood (21.01-19.02)

Aquarius poured the largest amount of rain. No matter how this constellation was called, it was depicted all the same: a man who pours water. The Sumerians portrayed how the Euphrates and the Tigris flow from the Aquarius jug. The Flood is associated with Aquarius. In ancient Egypt, the days when the Nile flooded, fell on the constellation of Aquarius. The nature of people born under the sign of the Aquarius can be described as follows:

– Good intentions are much more important than good deeds.

– If I came up with you, become what I want you to be.

– It’s hard to be an angel, but it is necessary …

– There is no me more cheerful, no me kinder.

– It’s boring to be like the others.

– Sex? In life, there are deeds and more important.

– In the first place friends, and then the family. If, of course, there will be time.

– The future simply must be beautiful.

Pisces. So they sailed to Aries (20.02-20.03)

It is logical to assume that there, where there is a lot of water, there are Pisces. Many fish were caught when the Sun was in this constellation. The Phoenicians portrayed the goddess of fertility as a woman with a fish tail. He appeared with the goddess, as well as with her son, at the moment when they fled in the waters, fleeing from the monster. People born under the sign of the zodiac Pisces are endowed with the following principles:

– Little did I promise you.

– Can understand everyone except myself.

– Empathy is more important than help.

– Everyone knows (19659005) – Order was invented by boring people.

– Willow bends in a whirlwind, and oak – falls.

– Do not put off till tomorrow what you can to do today.

– I can not give up alcohol just like a fish can not give up water.