Interesting facts about the movie

The modern cinema industry is listed on the list of the youngest art trends. But this does not prevent the cinematography from developing every year more dynamically. The film crew, headed by the director, actors, stuntmen, make-up artists and everyone involved in making films, people work tirelessly.
 Interesting facts about movies
Many have to sacrifice in order to fully convey to the viewer those emotions that occur on the screen. With the majority of modern blockbusters who will give you this emotion, you can get acquainted on the site But often on the set there are funny events and something goes not according to the scenario. Today we will consider the most interesting cases that occurred during the filming of popular films.

1. What brand marks are used by the characters in the movie “The Matrix”? On this occasion, even a competition was announced, where the most famous companies, such as Ray-Ban, Arnette and, to no one else, Blinde, took part. The Blinde label won the tender, which led the founder of the company to a real shock. He personally helped to select the right model for the actors, for which he specially flew to Australia.

2. During the filming of the film “Dzhango Liberated,” Leonardo DiCaprio actually injured his hand (striking the table he accidentally hit a glass), so much so that he had to urgently apply stitches. This was not the case in the script, but the scene in the film was left, so everything was realistic.
3. Christopher Lee was the only actor who read all the books of the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” from beginning to end, before the film was shot. By the way, at first he passed a casting for the role of Gandalf.

4. The role in the film “Pulp Fiction” did not bring John Travolta large incomes, as his previous attempts to get rich, working as an actor. His fee was about $ 100,000.

5. For greater realism, the Wookiee costume, from the movie Star Wars, was made from real human hair.

6. The cat that appears in the film “The Godfather”, Marlon Brando quite casually found on the street where the film was shot.

7. The man who plays the role of the Tin Woodman in the film “The Wizard of Oz” was taken because of the sudden illness of the main actor. He was not even a professional actor.

8. George Lucas had to sell his technology three-dimensional computer graphics CGI Steve Jobs, during the divorce process. After a while, Jobs created the Pixar studio.

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger tried not to blink during the filming of the film to give realism to what was happening, as he was sure that robots should not blink.