In Monaco presented a new project to expand the territory of the Principality

The Principality of Monaco is considered the pearl of the Côte d’Azur of France. The developed infrastructure, high level of security, dynamically developing business, mild climate and picturesque landscapes all attract not only tourists from all over the world, but also investors and wealthy people. Almost all politicians, businessmen and other influential people of the planet are willing to buy property here. And despite its small size, the principality of Monaco never ceases to amaze with new construction projects.

Monaco expands – great news for those who wish to buy property on the Cote d’Azur


The territory of Monaco, whose area does not reach two square kilometers, is already has long been mastered by construction companies and is densely strewn with numerous residential complexes and business centers. It would seem that there is already no one meter on which it would be possible to erect a new structure. But no. The authorities of the principality presented an absolutely fantastic project to expand their territory to 6 hectares, and this piece of land is planned to be conquered by the sea.


“New Monaco” will be built up with modern residential buildings, restaurants, luxury hotels, huge supermarkets and business centers. There is a place for beautiful parks, and other institutions that are designed for a decent, happy life. Unique, ready-made models of the future part of the principality have already been presented, and each of them, without exaggeration, is a real architectural masterpiece.


Eco-Monaco is a great place for those who dream of living where there is no production enterprise, and erected only luxurious houses, drowning in greenery, you can hear the surf and the purest sea air. Most of the territory reclaimed from the sea, and this is more than 60 thousand square meters, will be built up with modern residential buildings and work on the embodiment of the plan has already begun.


Dozens of huge barges with building structures are constantly coming to the place of the future town. Builders do not have a minute of downtime. And knowing the peculiarities of the Monegasque to create and do its work perfectly, there can be no doubt that very soon the world will see the new quarter of Monaco.


Even today the government of the principality stated that the sale of real estate here will be carried out at lower prices than in modern Monaco. So why not think about buying an elite property in a unique town of its own?