Haliade-X 12-MW is the "king of the wind" or the largest windmill in the world

Green energy is gaining popularity in the world. Environmentally friendly and safe methods of electricity production have become a true trend in recent decades. Most of this kind of production is occupied by wind power plants, whose blades, spinning under the power of the wind, are able to generate energy with high efficiency and minimal costs.

Source – General Electric

Huge windmills made from modern light materials not only hold the sights first saw their tourist, but also provide high efficiency in the production of electricity, increasing capacity annually. Therefore it is not surprising that the main investments of the leading companies of this branch are directed at perfection of wind power plants. Their result was the creation of new huge windmills, which became known as the Haliade-X 12-MW.

The dimensions of the Haliade-X 12-MW really amaze the imagination. The height of the windmill at the maximum point is 260 meters from the surface, the diameter of the rotor (the rotating part with the blades) is 220 meters, and the blades themselves have a length of 107 meters each. This giant can easily be compared in size with high-rise buildings in many dozen floors! The currently used wind power plants can not boast of such parameters: the largest rotor diameter does not exceed 180 meters.

The main parameters of the Haliade-X 12-MW and its comparison with famous world sights | General Electric

The developers plan to install Haliade-X 12-MW in the shelf zones of the northern European seas – that’s where the new windmill will be most effective. According to the engineers, one unit will generate 67 GWh of electricity per year – almost 50% more than any existing wind turbines today. It is predicted that this will be enough to provide electricity to 16,000 average households – more than impressive results.

So far, the company-producer GE Renewable Energy is testing its turbine, the commencement of commercial operation for the year 2021. If the project is successful, the Haliade-X 12-MW will become the largest and most efficient windmill in the world, achieving an efficiency of 63% for the first time in installations of this type.