Fashion trends spring-summer 2018

What fashion trends spring-summer 2018 should every lady know? Fashion trends are constantly changing, it can be minor changes or fundamental changes.

A few centuries ago, fashion did not change every season or even every year. Fashion trends were much smaller, often they concerned only the color and style, the decor was considered extremely rare. This greatly saved the time and finances of people, now fashion trends are changing a little or not every month. It’s impossible to keep up with all the fashionable changes, and it’s unrealistic to keep up with them. Therefore, when updating the wardrobe you need to focus on the trends of the season or on the annual forecast, which will indicate the most important and significant trends. Often, these trends remain relevant throughout the year. On this wave I would like to advise you an amazing online store Odevalo4ka.Ru, stepping in step with the trends in fashion. Odevalo4ka.Ru is an opportunity to buy trend clothes at a discount of 70%.

Fashionable colors in the clothes of spring-summer 2018
All these shades are so beautiful that it seems unrealistic to endure until the spring and do not start wearing them now. In this list of popular colors there are a few very mouth-watering shades: from beetroot pink, reminiscent of a rich borsch, to bright green, which is similar to a toast with ripe avocado. Nut color – the color of this hazelnut is much darker than this neutral and completely universal shade. This color is good at any time of the year: light, gentle, and laconic, which allows you to combine it with other colors, or you can wear one, depending on your preferences.

 Fashion trends spring-summer 2018

Texture materials still have not lost relevance. At the moment the most trendy materials are considered to be: suede,

leather, velor, and a combination of these fabrics. A great popularity is enjoyed with knitted things with a complex, and most importantly, an invoice pattern.

Jeans wear was always relevant, but in 2018 this material takes on special significance. All items of the wardrobe and accessories are considered to be trendy, in the design of which there is denim. As for the color range, all shades of blue, blue, gray and black are welcome. As an exception, some shades of red can be used. The cut of jeans clothes should be as simple as possible, the same applies to decor. Extravagant holes and abundant decorations in 2018 will be completely irrelevant.

Just like in the case of denim, all variations of the print are trend ones. All prints are in fashion, so they can be used without any restrictions. Among all the drawings and patterns, the leaders are floral and geometric motifs, but the color scheme does not matter. Equally acceptable are calm, neutral color combinations, as well as bright, contrasting combinations. Jungle themes and abstraction at the peak of popularity. All prints have a rather complex drawing and color palette. Therefore, the texture of the material and cuts should not be too complicated, as this will overload the image, making it too heavy and tasteless.

Gold and silver
These colors are the second year at the peak of popularity. Both gold and silver will be relevant, regardless of fulfillment. The material can be glossy or matte, but the coating should be ideal. Also these colors can be created with the help of sequins, sequins, lurex and others. In these colors everything is done absolutely: from clothes and to shoes, accessories. Very popular jackets, shoes and bags in these colors. Despite the fact that gold and silver are equally relevant, silver is still a clear favorite. Much more often, these colors are used as decor, you can even find metal inserts, this adds to the image of a certain rudeness and creativity.

Plastic fiction
Another “nature protection” trend – plastic (processed, of course). Synthetic materials displace natural even in bird collections of such a high flight as Chanel, Valentino and Balmain. Previously seen only on umbrellas, shoes and bags, transparent plastic began to expand into other elements of the women’s wardrobe. This was clearly demonstrated by the designers at the shows for the spring / summer season of 2018, firing models in raincoats, skirts, dresses, and boots of transparent plastic on the catwalks. While it is not known how much this material is comfortable in sock, but the fact that he came to the women’s fashion seriously and for a long time, does not cause doubts.

Stylish sports chic spring-summer 2018.
Sport-chic has long been fond of women of fashion all over the world for its versatility and convenience. The main thing is not to forget about the basic rules when choosing this style of clothes: do not combine more than 3 different colors, avoid bright logos, do not overload the image with multilayeredness and unnecessary details. It seems that we can safely say that the fashion of the early 2000s on short tops is back again. Crop-tops or brat-tops today it is appropriate to combine with almost any detail of the wardrobe – trousers, skirts, shorts

Sport-chic is a style in which knitwear and silk coexist in the same plane. For everyday life, there is nothing more convenient and simpler – comfortable materials are great for hanging out with friends in coffee shops, shopping and going to the movies. With the help of accessories and shoes your image can play new bright colors every day. Soft, breathable natural fabrics that do not shackle the movement, are perfectly combined with decorations, leather and shoes on the heel. Designers have been adding elements of this to their collections for several seasons in a row and creating new fashion trends.

Fashionable shoes spring-summer 2018
After a long winter, I want to quickly take down down jackets, hats, ugg boots and plunge into the rainbow spring mood. Every fashionista wants to know what shoes to choose in order to be in the trend in the spring of 2018. Ankle boots, boots and shoes with a sharp toe are the main trend of the 2018 season. This spring you will be adorable both in tight boots and in shoes on a flat sole. Shoes with a sharp toe – must have and this does not escape.

The more – the better. This phrase guided designers, creating a spring collection. The abundance of thongs, laces and bows is the second most popular trend in the spring of 2018. Dear hearts, the boats are again in the trend. But not just classical, but, of course, with original additions. Shoes and boots on the platform remain a fashion trend in 2018. Models with a massive heel look moderately bold and feminine at the same time.

In hot weather, designers recommend choosing a high wedge that will accentuate the figure and slenderness. In addition, in these stylish sandals is very convenient. Velvet and metallic predominate not only in fashionable clothes, but also in footwear. Therefore, rather run for a new pair of trendy botilions. Do you want to soar above the earth? Then safely buy transparent shoes. “Invisible” can be like a heel, and completely all the sandals. This trend will be relevant in the summer, so transparent slapping is a great idea.