Center for Contemporary Art named after Georges Pompidou

 Georges Pompidou Center

In Paris, history and modernity are intertwined in a weird way. Walking around the historic Quarter of Mare, it’s hard to guess that just a few steps away there is a structure that will surprise even the sophisticated connoisseur of modern art.

Georges Pompidou’s center resembles an unfinished factory, all entangled by ventilation pipes and colored wires. Built by the order of the President of France Pompidou in the seventies of the twentieth century, this museum caused an outcry among many connoisseurs of art indignation. The French are accustomed to the magnificent, exquisite galleries. However, that collection of works by artists who represented new trends in art shocked even the most intractable critics. Bright splashes Kandinsky, unsolved Picasso, strict Mondrian, Chagall, Malevich, it is impossible to enumerate all.

In a huge room, reflected in the water, is a modern sculpture. From the upper galleries of the center you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Paris. Conceived as a museum, the Pompidou center has become a large-scale site, where there is room for innovative art, and for demonstrating scientific achievements, for learning and recreation. Two floors of the building are given under a huge information library. Here, in addition to books, you can find records of various television programs, lectures, documentaries. In several halls conferences are held, scans of popular science films are held.

The library at the Center Georges Pompidou has every right to be considered one of the leading centers of cultural life in France. In cinema halls there are all kinds of film festivals. At the avant-garde theater stage, plays are staged, both by venerable filmmakers and bold talented young people. Life in the center of Pompidou does not freeze, not for a moment, collections are replenished with new masterpieces, there are significant social events, entertainment grounds. The center has become a desirable place to visit not only for the inhabitants of Paris, but also for numerous tourists.