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Museum of Modern Art Grand Duke Jean in Luxembourg

The famous Grand Duke Jean Museum in Luxembourg, featuring contemporary art art, was long-awaited, since in a small principality art objects were never exhibited for tourists. Local residents could admire the works of modern masters only in pictures. Today, everything has changed dramatically and hundreds of local residents and tourists visit the museum walls every…

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Antoine Bourdelle: sculptures, biography of the sculptor

Antoine Bourdelle (1861-1929) Emil-Antoine Bourdelle – the largest sculptor-monumentalist of the first half of this century. His influence was experienced by many major plastic craftsmen, art sculptors were trained in his workshop and beginning Russian sculptors, for example Vera Ignatyevna Mukhina. Prominent Soviet art historian BN Ternovets, also trained in sculpture from Bourdelle in Paris…

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Museum of Urban Transport in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg City Transport Museum is a specialized museum complex located on rue de Boullion in Luxembourg. The museum presents many interesting exhibits related to the history of public transport. Here you can see the development of transport infrastructure from the time of horse carriages to our days. The museum, which was famous all over…

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