Can stomach burst if eat too much?

The stomach volume of an average adult person is about 0.5 liters, and after eating it increases to 1.5 liters. But also it not a limit – the nature has taken care of those who likes to eat much, and has awarded a stomach with elastic walls which, being stretched, are capable to increase in volume to 5 liters! But what if you eat more food? Can the stomach eventually burst from the abundance of food?

Of course, it is possible – the walls of the stomach can not withstand pressure and tear. But to achieve this is very difficult: a person has a good protective mechanism – a vomitive reflex. Most people simply can not physically eat so much food that the stomach can not stand it and burst – incoming food will immediately go back. Therefore, people with a lack of vomiting reflex due to any physical or mental abnormalities can expose themselves to danger due to a burst stomach. Rarely, but such cases do occur. Particularly high risk participants of competitions on high-speed eating of the maximum amount of food. As a rule, by frequent training, they were able to extinguish their gag reflex to a minimum.