Abstract painting of Nadezhda Vynnychenko

 The road at sunset

The road at sunset. Nadezhda Vinnichenko

Abstract painting refers to a unique genre, which can not be found in visual art. Each painting conveys not only the mastery of the creator, but his amazing inner world, rich and vivid emotions. Thoughts and emotions of the author, which can not be expressed in words, with the help of juicy colors or restrained halftones, fall on the canvas.

For connoisseurs of painting, acquaintance with every wonderful specimen becomes a pass to a fantastic world. Oil paintings are abstractions – these are paintings that lead away from traditional naturalism and standard thinking, they can not leave anyone indifferent. You fall in love with them from the first moment and begin to dream of becoming a happy owner.

The fine feelings of the master of the brush


Many interesting abstract paintings can be found on the site artist Nadezhda Vynnychenko http://nadiavinn.com/. Member of the Professional Union of Artists of the Russian Federation, the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the International Art Foundation, Nadezhda Vynnychenko in her magnificent works seeks to convey a special sense of inner harmony. Each touch of the brush to the surface of the canvas with the help of soft lines and smooth color transitions transmits the magical world of inner feelings and feelings.

A graduate of the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V. Surikov, Nadezhda Vynnychenko successfully breaks her usual stereotypes with her pictures, going beyond existing reality. The paintings of the artist, made in an incredible style, make you forget about time, space and reality.

The fascinating author’s paintings of Nadezhda Vynnychenko adorn private collections in Russia and Switzerland, Lithuania, Israel and Croatia. The number of international and Russian exhibitions of the painter is approaching the coveted anniversary figure of 100. Her paintings became the pride of the collections of many famous museums. The founder of the Vinnichenko Gallery art gallery, Nadezhda Vinnichenko is the organizer of interesting projects.

Emotional coloring of abstract painting


Abstract painting with the help of associations conveys what the artist reflects and dreams. It is necessary to own the highest skill, so that your emotions and experiences can be transferred to oil paintings on canvas abstraction. The quivering and subtle touches of the brush represent a sensitive and colorful perception of the world by the author of the painting. Everything else draws a rich imagination of faithful and devoted fans of the genre. And everyone has their own.