Month: June 2018

Interesting facts about the movie

The modern cinema industry is listed on the list of the youngest art trends. But this does not prevent the cinematography from developing every year more dynamically. The film crew, headed by the director, actors, stuntmen, make-up artists and everyone involved in making films, people work tirelessly. Many have to sacrifice in order to fully…

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Proper care of the guitar

There are a few non-complicated rules that, keeping to which, you can extend the guitar life by taking care of it. Storage Any guitar should be kept in a case, especially acoustic, except when you take the instrument several times a day. Remember: dust and temperature changes adversely affect the wood. It’s strange to see…

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The most mysterious crimes

Every more or less erudite citizen of our country simply must know the basics of the legislation of the Russian Federation, easily parry any question about the basics of our legislation, this applies to both the Family Code and the Criminal Code. So on the site you can fully study the Criminal Code of…

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